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Phase 1 Results

Community Report

The final results of the Phase 1 qualitative interviews and yarning groups are available in our Community Report.


Watch the recording of our Phase 1 Community Forum or check out the summary of findings:

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Community Forum

Community Forum

The Walkern Katatdjin Phase 1 Community forum took place on the 22nd October 2020 at the Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, WA.

In this forum, the Walkern Katatdjin team presented the results of the Phase 1 interviews and yarning groups. This was an opportunity for the Perth community to provide feedback on the research results.

We thanks those who attended on the day for their input and participation in the workshop that followed. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

If you'd like to speak with us about the findings of Phase 1, please email, call (08) 6319 1062, or use our online submission form to get in touch.

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