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About the Artists

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Shakyrrah Beck

Shakyrrah is currently studying year 12 while doing art commissions on the side as both a way to stay calm and support her family. Shakyrrah is 19 years old and has 2 children under the age of 2. She is a Narungga woman but was welcomed in by the Kaurna people from when she was young and has grown up with them.

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Skye Milton (@skyangelwings)

Skye is 17 and recently graduated year 12. She is a strong believer of equality and does their best to show this in their art. They are Aboriginal and wish to learn more about their culture from their mum and the people in her life. She does commissions in hopes to become a full time artist and possibly go to uni to study art and character design.



Manmiya (@manmiya)

Manmiya is a out and proud bisexual Bunuba wiyi (woman). She was lucky enough to grow up on country in the beautifully quiet township of Fitzroy Crossing.

Featured Artwork:

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