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WA Youth Awards 2023 Finalists

Shak, MJ & Spiider representing the Pride Yarns with Mob project

WA Youth Awards 2023 Finalists

The Walkern Katatdjin Team's collaboration with Youth Pride Network earned a finalist position for the Youth Focus Sector Collaboration Award.

The Pride Yarns with Mob project was a collaboration between Walkern Katatdjin and the Youth Pride Network bringing together LGBTIQA+ First Nations young people, researchers and Elders to create intergenerational resources on queer young people’s experiences.

Aboriginal LGBTIQA+ young people and Noongar Elders have created Tik Tok and YouTube videos modelling healthy conversations about sexuality and gender diversity including modelling responses to a young person coming out. Yarning circles with six Noongar Elders and five Aboriginal LGBTIQA+ young people were held.

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